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Wedding Treats

Cakes, cupcakes and cookies to suit your special day!

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Cute as a button cakes, cookies and cupcakes to celebrate your new addition!


Birthday Cakes

Personalized birthday cakes to match any personality!

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Celebrate your life milestone with custom, one-of-a-kind delights.

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Event Cookies

Tastey treats for all occasions!


Adult Birthdays

We can create treats to match your themed party!

Forkin' Delightful Menu:

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Vanilla Bean: Vanilla Cake w/ Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Sin: Chocolate Cake w/ Chocolate Buttercream

Maraschino Cherry & Almond: Maraschino Cherry Cake w/ Almond Buttercream

Sunkissed: Vanilla Cake w/ Amaretto & Orange Buttercream

Marbleized: Vanilla & Chocolate Cake w/ Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream

Sophisticated Diva: Red Velvet Cake w/ Cream Cheese Buttercream

Pink Diva: Vanilla Cake w/ Strawberry Buttercream

Peanut Butter Cup: Chocolate Cake w/ Peanut Butter & Cream Cheese Buttercream

Cocoa Mintie: Chocolate Cake w/ Peppermint Buttercream

Neapolitan: Chocolate Cake w/ Strawberry Buttercream & White Chocolate Ganache

Cookies 'n Cream: Chocolate Cake w/ Vanilla Buttercream & Oreo Cookies

Ice Cream Sundae: Chocolate Cake w/ Vanilla Buttercream & Chocolate Ganache, Sprinkles &

Maraschino Cherry

Nanaimo Bar: Chocolate Coconut & Almond Cake w/ Custard Buttercream, Drizzled Chocolate

Ganache & Coconut

Monster Cookie Dough: Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cake w/ Cookie Dough Buttercream

Cinnamon Bun: Cinnamon cake w/ cream cheese buttercream sprinkled w/ cinnamon

Boston Cream: Vanilla cake w/ vanilla pudding & dark chocolate ganache

Lemon Ginger: Lemon Ginger cake w/ lemon buttercream

Kahlua Chocolate Fudge: Kahlua Chocolate cake w/ chocolate fudge buttercream

Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin Spice Cake w/ cream cheese buttercream, sprinkled w/ cinnamon

Caramel Cappuccino: Cappuccino cake w/ caramel buttercream drizzled with caramel

Raspberry Pistachio: Chocolate cake w/ raspberry & pistachio buttercream

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